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U.D.F spitting ghostly game

The Seattle spawned collective UNITY DIVERSITY FREEDOM are not for play but do yourself a favor and play all their releases. Consistently pushing the line of creativity in for lack of a more Based opinion, stagnant times. Underworld Dust Funk is a fitting acronym indeed. It is very fitting that UDF hails from Seattle. The northwest city has been the hunting grounds for like 50% of the world’s serial killers. Excellent dining choices due to it being a harbor city with an influx of (shoutout my filipinos!) immigrants. Class A drug epidemics out the frame. An of course, an amazing music scene empowered by its remoteness to bigger hubs. It is a beautiful and dark place that shines through in their music like looking through a monocular at a blood diamond, with blood on it.

And that duality can be felt on this aptly named EP, Paranormal Macktivity. A nice and  nasty eight track posse comp curated and produced almost entirely by Khrist Koopa*with a co-production from Trowa Barton on just one track. I want my dark rap to have depth, texture, occult flourishes mixed with hood vernacular. This is it right here.

Starting off wit a bang, on Checklist, the currently incarcerated (free the guy) Dizzi Slick delivers jail phone recorded lyrics a la Godfather Buried Alive era Shyne that Khrist built an ominous beat around after that personally reminds me of the Tales From the Darkside intro so I’m locked in. On Sneak & Geek BB Sun spills west coast playerlistics next to the recently recruited but always underground elite, AJ Suede who matches his energy and also mastered the whole album.

Martis Unruly runs up next on Soothsayer with the Suede God dripping real screwface summoning incantations. Then BB Sun charges up back to back on Like a Baby and Going Shopping that both have Bay Area/Detroit slick talk notes but that is a universal street mackin’ ass style and it still sounds original and very UDF. Martis Unruly continues the kinetic energy of Paranormal Macktivity with Black Chad and No thy Self. Dizzi closes out the tape with Illegal, a track that could open a Seattle crime series similar to The Wire. Set in South Park? Pigeon Hill? Rainier Valley? I don’t know but I’d watch that show off the rip. Sheeeeit, I’d write/direct and produce it my damned self.


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Lil Percy’s New Record ‘Revenge’ is OUT NOW


      On ‘Revenge’ this Virginian rapper’s latest, Lil Percy sounds like he just woke up, sparked up and couldn’t help but go off about the bullshit permeating his atmosphere and his M.O. is flexing. He rises above, dismissing all the obstacles in his way with exhales of legato flows, and Percy isn’t just blowing smoke. Take a ride on this very airy and dynamically punchy roller coaster of intoxicated confidence v.s. introspection, and don’t let the clouds get in your eye, Percy isn’t some old weed rapper, he’s got an energy that’s uniquely chill but far from a mumble.

It’s been said that the best form of Revenge is Success, and while nothing is guaranteed in this life, Percy is gonna get to the top at some point. Paralleled with the progression that the album takes as a whole is his idea of success in self expression and the ability he sees within himself to make his own way and not waste anymore time with fake love and friends or foes. He has his eyes on the prize and he’s locked in.

If “Revenge” were a hot sauce, and it definitely is some flames, it would be a “creeper” … starts off with plenty of flavor and insight into the tracks ahead but it definitely builds as it goes along, keeping you intrigued and feeling like you can’t get enough. With only 12 tracks averaging less than two and half minutes each, you reach the albums last song and aptly titled “Ending” before you know it. This is a great pre-game or after party soundtrack, not anything to sleep to but would suit you well if stuck in stand still traffic with a little time and angst on your hands and visions of achieving your wildest dreams or having the best possible time trying.

This single was featured three weeks ago by LOST APPEAL on their exclusive sound cloud page – you should definitely give them a follow.

They did a nice interview with Percy last year as well.

Go and get a copy of the limited CD release over at Blackhouse Records webstore or stream the album via any major streaming service now!

people to follow on twitter and otherwise;

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Lost Appeal : @lost_appeal

Blackhouse Records : @blackhouse_recs




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[EPs] Updates with Zubin and Friends

Vocalist Zubin is a new name for me, but he quickly grabbed my attention by being in great company. Last month, he released the six song EP, Misery. Fully produced by Nedarb (who we interviewed back in October), the project is sorrowful, atmospheric, and full of falsetto. It’s something to play on the late night when you can’t get a text back.

Showing no signs of letting up, Zubin followed up his EP with Nedarb by releasing the split single Potion. Featuring Horse Head, Fantasy Camp, Cold Hart, Foxwedding, and Jon Simmons, the collaborative singles come and go too quickly. So damn good.

Ben Niespodziany
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Marcy Mane – ‘Need to Count It Up’ OFFICIAL VIDEO from the 27 track LP ‘LEON’ (2017)

Goth Money Vet and Underground OG Marcy Mane brings us a new video of the Lo Fi banger produced by Posh Prada “Need to Count It up.” With edits and direction by BLANCOPAGES, this smoke-filled and cloudy video is chopped to fast and slow perfection.The chops and lo-fi tape filters are a signature essence of the Goth Money Aesthetic– always having a truly new-school take on old school techniques of visuals and musical timbres. Something we’re obviously a fan of. Check out the man in his natural element, smoked out, grinding and keeping it low key to the ground but always fresh, even in the dirt. ‘Need to Count It Up’ is already raking in the views, it’s another one in the bank!

Click the link below to listen to Marcy Mane’s 2017 release ‘Leon’ on Spotify

Marcy Mane – Leon


Video Directed by BLANCOPAGES
Beat by Posh Prada

[Album] P2THEGOLDMA$K – Beyond Cloudt

San Antonio legend P2THEGOLDMA$K has released his first R&b/dance album in the form of Beyond Cloudt. The seven song project is an oozing journey of thick bass and fireside vocals. Invite P2 to your next dinner party, your next wine gathering, your next soiree. He just leveled up.

Ben Niespodziany
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Go ‘head Nattymari. I’d really love to see him live with a few projection screens, fog machines and promethazine. He is the beast in the house of witch just melodically plodding through, one uncategorizable thump at a time.

I wrote this seven years ago and it still rings true. The uncategorizable thump connoisseur Nattymari returns with a new album out now on the equally underground Clan Destine Records. Both stalwarts in the witchhouse scene but known for so much more than that labeling, Natty and Carl Clan Destine have pushed real vibes, championing DJ Screw, obscure southern rap, house, techno, minimal synth, LoFi and basically all things experimental. Much like this label Candy Drips, and its creators. It comes from a crystal clear love of rap and electronic music, all its filthy aspects, a desire to explore them, cultivate them, contaminate the mainstream from fissures in the depths while never engaging much with it, except to maybe snatch a sample, illegally. Which brings me back around to that wanting to see him live bit, it wasn’t meant to be, Nattymari is a ghost in the machine, a recluse, transmitting from a self commited exile.

I don’t want things to go back to any Golden Era in music, I just want progression through experimentation and Nattymari has never let me down. Through tracks and visuals he has been throwing down the gauntlet for over a decade. And this album, Too Late Dont Read is no slouch in the throwed department.

From the jump,  its already a journey.  Gypsy Woman is a mellow, warped percolator that begins to jack like a raver dragging themself from the floor once the ecstasy high has burned off a little. The bass on His Masters Whisper is ominous and Nattymari utilizes hi-hats like the Legendary Traxster did in the 90s, he weaponizes them.  I’ve Seen The Greatest Minds Of My Generation Destroyed By Meme Music gives me chills,  a fully layered jaunt that reminds you, if you were fortunate enough to see them, of the videos he has created to accompany his sonic mutations.  Its that fleshed out. Speaking of flesh (trade) And Super Creep sounds like a sex droid malfunctioning, humping the floor, crawling spider-like towards its horrified client (soon to be victim) while it’s insides violently bleep glitched music snippets as sparks shoot from its orifices. On If This Was Seven Years Ago All You Rappers Would Be Juggalos, a monster synth line is accompanied by a hilariously angry diatribe.

The B side starts with the slow burn of Her Smell and the Impact of Evil then immediately revs up next with Hose, an off kilter beat with uptempo club touches and the title track, T.L.D.R has that post footwork urgency too.  Next up, Cubby Ting is a dubby ting, a King Tubby ting, skanking along at a real rude pace.  Slowing it down even more, Fuck Everybody hits that boulevard cruising speed and plays like a DJ Screw grey tape that has been warped in the heat of a Cadillac glove compartment. Complementing the chaotic flow of this album Bama Ghost is the only feature on the next track, Got All That Somethin with a delivery like a based Brotha Lynch Hung or more accurately, a Houston freestyle like my personal favorites, Big Wen from Beltway 8 or Al D from S.U.C. Kaybar closes it all out with a ghetto tech and breaks adventure clocking in at a minute and a half. Its not just some beat tape. It’s different. It’s Nattymari

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[VIDEO] Adot – Rolling

Chicago rapper Adot went absolutely apeshit with his newest set of visuals. The 85 second animated music video feels like a virtual reality mushroom high, taking you through wormholes and new dimensions. Courtesy of Nick Visuals, the animation does nothing but assist the already strong song, which comes produced by Draedaskimask and which you can stream below.

Ben Niespodziany
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[ALBUM] Ghostemane – Hexada

You already know what the fuck is goin’ on. Early last year, we released cassettes for Ghostemane’s fourteen song project Rituals. Now, as we enter into the evils of autumn, Ghostemane delivers with the twelve song album Hexada. Handling all production and instrumentation on his own, as well as providing no guest features, this album is 100% Ghostemane. Be sure to catch him on tour in November with Nedarb and Wavy Jone$

Ben Niespodziany
Twitter: @neonpajamas


[Single] KELVO – MSPORT MUSIC (Prod. Joe Nora)


San Francisco (by way of Chicago) producer Joe Nora released the track “Jaguaar” earlier this year. Featuring the famous vocals from Jay Z and Jermaine Dupri, the song initially took me into a whirlwind of past experiences and verses. Thankfully, UK artist Kelvo acquired the instrumental and did his own thing on the track, replacing the vintage verses for something new and refreshing. I can’t get enough of this song, which is the second time that Nora and Kelvo have worked together, and hopefully not the last.


Ben Niespodziany
Twitter: @neonpajamas



The Birmingham, Alabama based MC Holocaust, one of the co-creators of Doomshop Records isn’t concerned with the hype, he makes no attempt to work with artists who have a buzz or change his sound to a popular or commercially digestible one. It’s dialed in and zoned out, ominous funk, and Candy Drips is fortunate to get an exclusive premiere of his latest, Corrupt From The Get Go.

A sound directly influenced by the evil sample drenched, 808 patterns and choice of circumstance lo-fi vocals of mid to late 90s Memphis rap that spawned the obscure subgenre Devil Shyt. Although Memphis artists coined the term first, Devil Shyt is now a community with artists from all over the globe, creating dark atmospheric street based horror stories in rap form. Now throw in Houston’s dark offerings (the Geto Boys obviously, Ganksta N.I.P, Point Blank etc), the sinister side of the West Coast scene (Brother Lynch Hung, X Raided, even Spice 1 although he never gets the props he deserves) and some will also say, early Spaceghostpurpp with his Phonk creations. No-one has a better grip on this murky melange than DOOMSHOP does right now. Holocausts’ tape is like a South Park Coalition release with most of its production handled by in house artists covering all these sonic elements and more.

The amount of timeless samples embedded on this tape are drowned out by unrecognizable rarities, a signature Shop move, in a successful strategy to distance themselves from the pack.

For instance, the intro track, Nobody Likes U Holocaust (produced by KevinTheCreep), contains a perfect Adina Howard sample. Seconds into the tape and I’m already blown away by its usage. Next, Hate You More Than Myself  begins with an uncomfortable Requiem For A Dream scene soundbite while Gangsta Walk Adolf contains Scarface and Bushwick Bill snippets, a salute to that aforementioned Houston influence and a heavy bass that sounds very similar to the one used on the Keith Murray track Dip Dip Di but slowed down, a la DJ Screw. Besides the intro it’s all paired with Holocausts laid back devious flow.

The title track continues the audio mayhem and Mothafuckas Don’t Exist (a crazy, rattling beat produced by Bonkura) contains my favorite lyrical quote (the devil, heavy metal, very skilled with a shovel / disrespectful, next level, fuck life, I ain’t special) while Gotta Plan 2 is pure on a mission mentality that has been missing in rap for years. On A Rampage Ghetto Blaster (produced by Jak3) starts like a UK bassline track before quickly spinning off into an advanced get buck state and Undaground Enemy (AKOZA edit) where ‘Caust states (OGs I sample really fuckin with me / Ima real MC / undaground enemy) maintains the momentum.

Here the tape transitions to smoother selections, like the barrel has gotten too hot and it needs a cool down. Feeble Hearted (prod. by Jake3 and KevinTheCreep) is a lil ranfla roller while Execute Me, Gospel (produced by DJ Sacred) and  Another Friday Night (produced by Tyris White) featuring Slim Guerilla also both seal in the funky flavor with soulful source material.

I excitedly compare this movement to B movie culture, for decades remaining far outside the big industry rap and Hollywood radars. Often low budget, shocking, exhilarating and well, usually problematic. And with a name like MC Holocaust, it’s not a reach. Every time I see his name I think of the 1975 film The Black Gestapo. It makes normal people uncomfortable but for those who seek out the nasties, it fits like a murder glove.


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