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Marcy Mane – ‘Need to Count It Up’ OFFICIAL VIDEO from the 27 track LP ‘LEON’ (2017)

Goth Money Vet and Underground OG Marcy Mane brings us a new video of the Lo Fi banger produced by Posh Prada “Need to Count It up.” With edits and direction by BLANCOPAGES, this smoke-filled and cloudy video is chopped to fast and slow perfection.The chops and lo-fi tape filters are a signature essence of the Goth Money Aesthetic– always having a truly new-school take on old school techniques of visuals and musical timbres. Something we’re obviously a fan of. Check out the man in his natural element, smoked out, grinding and keeping it low key to the ground but always fresh, even in the dirt. ‘Need to Count It Up’ is already raking in the views, it’s another one in the bank!

Click the link below to listen to Marcy Mane’s 2017 release ‘Leon’ on Spotify

Marcy Mane – Leon


Video Directed by BLANCOPAGES
Beat by Posh Prada

[Singles] Souly Had x Purpdogg

It’s time to get caught up with the work between producer Purpdogg and vocalist Souly Had. The two have released a batch of track in the last half year, spanning between hip-hop and R&B. “Sandman” cleverly flips the famous bubblegum pop track, while their newest, “Young and Dumb”, is a bar-heavy love narrative. Don’t sleep on these two.

Ben Niespodziany
Twitter: @neonpajamas

[Mixtape] Leaf Set – FILM

Are you up to speed with the Set? The Illinois collective Leaf Set released a twelve track project back in December known as Film. With different pieces of art for every track, it feels like a slideshow in your mind, spanning across genres and time. Step inside with caution, step inside with dilated eyes.

Ben Niespodziany
Twitter: @neonpajamas

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