We’re proud to present the latest from one of the greatest! It’s been in the works for a while and last night we got a surprise drop of the 7th installment of the ‘STR8 OFF THA BLOCK’ series from Pepperboy. The record is streaming everywhere now and you will see some physical copies of this coming very soon!

The intro track ‘Bullet’ is brief but ear grabbing. Producers G Lie and Hal give a hard, UK Drill vibe to introduce his new project. Out of all the deliveries and voices he uses on the record this one is definitely a more naturally confident and demanding one. He always keeps it real, but here he’s definitely not playing a character or telling a story – this is his mission statement. If you’re new to the artist – you get a good glimpse into the ethos and content of his message and works. This intro really sets the scene for what’s to follow.

This album flows between tracks in a dynamic way and after the jump we hit a hazy southern groove. Shoutout Abgohard (‘Blind City’) and Dizzy D (‘Off the Porch’) for their features. Always love seeing repeat collaborators and they both return with passion for these featured verses.

We also get a feature from another rare legend Lofty 305 on the track ‘Bread’. The beat by big cyst is pleasantly classic, and we find both rappers right at home.

Love to Squadda B, for bringing a moment of the Green Ova South connection to life on this project – peep the video above for ‘FTP’! While it’s one of the more shocking titles and carries a heavy message the airy production by Mango & Rivvvt and sentiment of positivity is brought to light and the statement is more of a statement of triumph than defeat or a complaint.

It’s always hard to pick a favorite track off a Pepperboy record – but between the (Enya) sample used by Big Syst and Sickboyrari (formerly Black Kray) feature on ‘Ambulance’ – that is definitely a standout track on this project for me.

Even though we are blessed by a handful of key featured artists on SOTB7 the standout part of this record is the consistent delivery from the man himself. The track ‘Runnin’ is the perfect example of a classic Pepperboy flow that finds new form and shine.

At the end of the album, we get a few darker more solemn messages accompanied by more dramatic production. I wouldn’t call them ballads, but their reflective lyrics and laid back beats definitely make you wanna slow down and listen. ‘Ambulance’, ‘No Emotion’, and ‘Code of Life’ are the anchors to this album before a bonus remix of ‘FTP’ by producer R4INF4LL, a hauntingly hyped up rendition of the original caps it off.

Cassettes and Cds to come ASAP ! Go buy the album on Bandcamp (embedded above) to send money directly to the artist – or stream on your favorite streaming service.

– Froze / Candy Drips