Lil Percy’s New Record ‘Revenge’ is OUT NOW


      On ‘Revenge’ this Virginian rapper’s latest, Lil Percy sounds like he just woke up, sparked up and couldn’t help but go off about the bullshit permeating his atmosphere and his M.O. is flexing. He rises above, dismissing all the obstacles in his way with exhales of legato flows, and Percy isn’t just blowing smoke. Take a ride on this very airy and dynamically punchy roller coaster of intoxicated confidence v.s. introspection, and don’t let the clouds get in your eye, Percy isn’t some old weed rapper, he’s got an energy that’s uniquely chill but far from a mumble.

It’s been said that the best form of Revenge is Success, and while nothing is guaranteed in this life, Percy is gonna get to the top at some point. Paralleled with the progression that the album takes as a whole is his idea of success in self expression and the ability he sees within himself to make his own way and not waste anymore time with fake love and friends or foes. He has his eyes on the prize and he’s locked in.

If “Revenge” were a hot sauce, and it definitely is some flames, it would be a “creeper” … starts off with plenty of flavor and insight into the tracks ahead but it definitely builds as it goes along, keeping you intrigued and feeling like you can’t get enough. With only 12 tracks averaging less than two and half minutes each, you reach the albums last song and aptly titled “Ending” before you know it. This is a great pre-game or after party soundtrack, not anything to sleep to but would suit you well if stuck in stand still traffic with a little time and angst on your hands and visions of achieving your wildest dreams or having the best possible time trying.

This single was featured three weeks ago by blog LOST APPEAL on their exclusive sound cloud page – you should definitely give them a follow.

They did a nice interview with Percy last year as well.

Go and get a copy of the limited CD release over at Blackhouse Records webstore or stream the album via any major streaming service now!

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[Singles] Catching up with tnght/tmrw

Dallas producer tnght/tmrw has been holding my attention since he was in the duo OurSkeletonBones. After making the switch to solo music, he has continued to impress with his late night grooves: a blend of lush instrumentals and autotuned cruisers. Most recently, he produced for vocalist FlexinFab on the single “Everything U Do”.

The lively track was preceded by the single “Duality.” It’s a 2-and-a-half minute instrumental that takes to the clouds, orbits the globe, and comes back down for a truly cosmic experience. An atmospheric body trip, the wordless single demands more than one listen.

Prior to “Duality’, tnght/tmrw released a booming edit to Pinks’s 2000 track “Most Girls.” Loose instrumentals, exclusive singles, and Pink remixes? Yes, it all works within the world of the eclectic producer. The fourth and final piece that he’s released this calendar year is “Facetime”, where he spotlights both his production skills and his vocal skills, making it perhaps my favorite of this high quality bunch. Press play and lose your head for a day.

Ben Niespodziany
Twitter: @neonpajamas

[Album] OmenXIII & Purpdogg – Underworld

Rapper OmenXIII and producer Purpdogg joined forces to release the ten track project, Underworld. A dark and haunted auditory experience, the project is a punch in the face, a kick in the gut. Guttural and evil as hell, it’s something to play to concern your family members. Listen to this as you kidnap your enemies, as you set a car on fire, as you pregame your seance.

Ben Niespodziany
Twitter: @neonpajamas

[Single] Kelvo – “Moneyman”

Earlier this year, we talked about the collaborative heat between UK rapper Kelvo and US producer Joe Nora. The two are back for another hazy hit, “Moneyman.” Feeling like a cloud of loud, this is one to turn on when you get home from work and need to relax. About as chill as it gets. CloudRap2k18. Keep an eye out for more from Kelvo, who is prepping his tape, and Nora, who is prepping like five projects.

Ben Niespodziany
Twitter: @neonpajamas

[Single] Jonwayne – “Last Last Fall”

A new single from rapper/producer Jonwayne is always welcome. As part of the Adult Swim Singles series (releasing 52 singles in 52 weeks), Jonwayne comes through with “Last Last Fall”, spitting some autobiographical wisdom and insight over a smooth ass instrumental.

Ben Niespodziany
Twitter: @neonpajamas

[Singles] Catching up with BB Sun

One month ago, one of our favorite MCs BB Sun released the three song EP, Sketch Money Sunny. Lofi and drowsy, BB Sun rhymes over soulful and jazzed out production, sounding like a vintage cassette tape and a bag of grass.

Since releasing these three pieces, BB Sun has gone on to drop the loose single “Shopping” (produced by Khrist Koopa) as well as the track “Superhot” which comes produced by BSBD member Televangel. It’s a clouded affair, one that we’re front row for.

All of these tracks clock in under two minutes and are worth your while. Like infomercials, like snippets, like leveling up after burning down an ounce of spinach.

Ben Niespodziany
Twitter: @neonpajamas

[EPs] Updates with Zubin and Friends

Vocalist Zubin is a new name for me, but he quickly grabbed my attention by being in great company. Last month, he released the six song EP, Misery. Fully produced by Nedarb (who we interviewed back in October), the project is sorrowful, atmospheric, and full of falsetto. It’s something to play on the late night when you can’t get a text back.

Showing no signs of letting up, Zubin followed up his EP with Nedarb by releasing the split single Potion. Featuring Horse Head, Fantasy Camp, Cold Hart, Foxwedding, and Jon Simmons, the collaborative singles come and go too quickly. So damn good.

Ben Niespodziany
Twitter: @neonpajamas

[Feature] The Cloudy Emotions of Nancy and Tombo

The collaborations between Nancy and Tombo are some of the most consistent and prolific pieces of art coming out of the Midwest this calendar year. Splitting production duties, vocal duties, and even EP hosting duties, the two multidimensional artists have encapsulated their sorrow through four EPs (so far). Just last week, they released My Head is Empty, I Am Safe, a five song open diary of late night confessions and melancholy.

Prior to their most recent EP, they released The Rose from the Sea to the Door last month. The three song project is monotone sadness, depressed smoke clouds, and 4am coffee pots. I mentioned it on Twitter, but these songs should only be allowed to be played once the sun goes down. Late night tunes that don’t sound the same if the sun is out.

Nancy’s and Tombo’s four collaborative EPs don’t stray in style, but rather, build up on a sound unlike any other. With each release (and many more down the road), they’re further showcasing their brand of lofi dreamo. Aquatic, slumped, drowning in booze and substance, these are tracks to play when you can’t sleep, when you want to float inside someone else’s head, if only for a minute or two.

Ben Niespodziany
Twitter: @neonpajamas

tracy – like a farmer (prod. gren8)

tracy – like a farmer (prod. gren8)

[Feature] Melancholic Rain Frown: Catching up with AJ Suede

Rapper/producer AJ Suede will go down as one of the most prolific underground rappers. Steadily releasing cohesive and bar-heavy projects, Suede has already delivered with three EPs in the last three months. Let’s get familiar.

Most recently, we received Rain Based, which came fully produced by cloud rap icon Keyboard Kid. Five songs in length, the EP is lost in the clouds, smooth as hell, and complete with features from BB Sun and BB Rob God. Although Suede is from the East Coast, this is most assuredly a Seattle affair.

Prior to Rain Based, AJ Suede released the five song EP System of a Frown II. It came fully produced by Nedarb (just like the first volume). As a result, it’s dark, it’s haunted, it’s full of hi hats. Suede really shines on the track “Made a Difference”, which demands a quality sound system.

Before these two executively produced EPs, Suede dropped the six song Melancholy Trill II. Recorded in Seattle, it’s a unique release as it features a different producer on every track. With familiar names like BB Sun, Wolftone, and JPEGMAFIA, the project goes down as a quality first release of Suede’s 2018. With three already in the ring, we can certainly expect more as the year progresses.

Ben Niespodziany
Twitter: @neonpajamas

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