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New Release : ‘Jordough’ Ep : (Review) Jordan Isaiah and Doughboi Phlex

One of our favorite new artists on our radar Jordan Isaiah brought the noise earlier this year with ‘Thank You / Pay Me’ (Blackhouse Records.) On this album we saw multiple producers and a variety of deliveries. When Jordan hit us up about his latest we had to see what he was working with and put some support on the project!

The ‘Jordough’ EP is a raw collection of 9 songs showcasing a timeline of collaborative efforts between Jordan Isaiah and Kansas City based producer Doughboi Phlex. The project is presented by Doughboi and highlights his growth in production and vocals.

To those who haven’t yet noticed, the tape’s name breaks it down with the idea of two “sides.” : “Jor”, short for “Jordan” and “dough”, short for “Doughboi Phlex.” The sides are broken up by an interlude titled “Time Interlude.” The tracks for each side were chosen by preference of the sides’ namesake and feature that person a little heavier throughout the selection.

The whole tape is tied together by something more than the obvious factor of sticking with the same duo throughout. The delivery on all tracks is a culmination of ego-boosted lifestyle bars with an heir of aggravated and warranted entitlement. Based on work put in, determination and passion behind the project these artists know they are onto something. Being that it took a few years to compile this collection of recordings you will notice a slight sonic difference in the mixes from track to track but the energy remains constant throughout.

Starting out the gate with the “Jor” side we are summoned by a whispering chordal wash and eerie bells plucking a melody before Jordan comes in with loosely doubled vocals on the songs hook singing “said we made it through the worst / now every day a holiday ; said we started in the mud , so every day we elevate.” This showcases duality; juxtaposition of a celebratory anthem over an overtly chill but mysterious melody. It isn’t a song about wallowing in the mud, it’s about rising and coming up from that place while maintaining a reverence and appreciation for the struggles since the journey began. The two voices kind of symbolize the harmony of past, present and future existence.

The rest of side “Jor” is immediately more hype, starting with the powerful delivery and regal production on Lilith freestyle ; to the inciteful irony of “Unconcerned”, a title that implies apathy but lyrically suggests anything but. The confident delivery from Jordan is paired with smooth 16’s, adlib assitance and chorus work from the Doughboi Phlex. Check out ‘Exotic’ for a prime example of what Doughboi is capable of.

The neutral track ‘Time Interlude’ is a very big change-up from the rest of the record. Being far removed it serves its purpose well to break up the flow a bit with some icey chords and what sounds like a radio scanning the airwaves trying to breakthrough the dimensions of time and space all over a minimal triplet thump from a dull but punchy kick. The searching tones in the background remind me of a radio attempting to dial into the frequency somewhere between space and time – is this what a time machine might sound like? Have you ever watched the first episode of the original ‘Outer Limits’ show?

The duo pops the ‘dough’ side off hot with ‘Myxed Up’ a bopper about staying true to yourself through the changes and confusing times you experience on your way to success. The rest of the EP turns to a low key point of smoked out cockiness. Doughboi Phlex compliments Jordan’s style in a way only he can; from the perspective of the producer.

One of the standout tracks led by Doughboi is ‘Watchin Me.’ This introspective paranoid confession may actually give you the creeps. The production elements are similar as most of the tracks on the ep but this one is a much slower and darker tune than anything else present. Starting off depicting a recent nightmare where he was shot it seems that the stress of striving for his goals and maintaining his normal life is catching up to him in more ways than one. It’s hard to maintain relationships as it is when you are struggling to survive and achieve your goals, but success can attract all kinds of unwanted energy from those we know and normally trust. That could also bring up dealing with your inner demons as Phlex references in the chorus.

Each track is relatively short at an average of under 3 minutes. It’s an easy listen through that gets better with repeat plays. The project is now streaming on all services!

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hes mad hes seeing alot of BS in tha world – Pepperboy
Cover art by: IG @yookkie

Pepperboy is back after just a short time off. His latest Ep ‘These Are Tha Timez’ is out today (03/01/2019) on all major streaming services as well as Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

When Pepperboy shared these tracks with me earlier in the week, I had just finished swimming through his immersive catalog. We just made a playlist 50 tracks long spanning his previous 40 releases over the last decade. You haven’t heard a Pebberboy album quite like this. The production is in line with southern trappers UGK, T.I. and taken to a more modern level like something you might hear on a Curren$y or Big K.R.I.T. record. This project has a lot of pop-potential and it seems the quality and elements of production selected for this ep provoked some amplified deliveries in the booth. He’s pissed off about the state of the world and the trouble society is in due to reasons beyond their control.

The first single ‘Sex Trade’ produced by Lou Shretter dropped about a month ago, and now we have six more tracks spanning from southern trap influenced emotional ballad track ‘I cried’ to the more aggressive, in your face message and perspective in the track ‘Tha Timez.’

Pepperboy Chillin in the Custom Candy Drips

‘The Last Day’ sets the tone of the record. It could interpreted as a sign of the end of the world as we know it or the acknowledgment of the possibility that any day could be your last when times get tough. With production by Cloud-King Squadda B – we are introduced to a PISSED OFF version of Pepperboy – a man turned cold by the ways of the world. He’s shows us how easy it is to go into survival mode when pushed.

The madness carries on to the track ‘Crazy’ an eccentrically vibin’ slapper produced by Kubrixxx. The aggressive mood escalates and peaks on what you could call the title track ‘Tha Timez’….a take on the dog-eat-dog kill or be killed mentality. Paranoia and fear take over and Pepperboy is not letting anybody get over on him no matter how bad it gets. This multi-part production is also from producer Kubrixxx.

It’s only been a week since the second single from the record dropped. ‘Double Up’ – the obvious hype track from the record has gotten well over five thousand plays at the time of writing this! KirbLaGoop and the recently un-retired champion of the underground Shady Blaze grace the track as two major features. This song is gonna push you to keep going and young hustlers will look back on this and respect it as the classic grinders anthem that got them through during these hard times. If you’ve ever been caught in the cycle of trying to make it to that next step, you know sometimes you just have to take a risk. Double up or NOTHING!

The album ends with ‘7 days.’ Produced by Hype Chilliams, the track is a dedication to a love that takes a left turn from the rest of the album’s subject matter and vibe, but like everything Pepperboy does, it has heart and passion. 7 days a week mean Pepperboy doesn’t take a day off! Pepp lays it down smooth to round off an otherwise troubled record. Maybe it’s an answer to the question the rest of the album poses. How do we survive in these trying times? Maybe finding this kind of love is the answer.

Props to Paul Holsclaw on the mixing and mastering for this record – he was given the perfect elements of production and vocal takes / delivery to work with and really nailed the overall sheen that makes this a landmark pepperboy record.

The Ep is streaming everywhere now !


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First things first – Candy Drips’ pick for 2018’s album of the year was ‘Legendary’ – a collection of positive street anthems from two of our long-time favorite artists, Sickboyrari & Pepperboy.

Check out the album below and the fine list of familiar hit Makers! Young God, Jaguar Claw, Marvin Cruz, Black Tim and more on production!

We may still have some copies of the limited edition cassette release we were blessed to release in our web store. : also see Pepperboy for copies or try to contact Sickboyrari.

Candy Drips Co-founderJoseph Volmer (aka Party Trash) and myself first came across Pepperboy way back when we saw the video for ‘A Silent Technique.’ I can’t exactly remember how we got there but it was probably between watching videos from some of our favorite new artists and creators Lil B, Soulja Boy, Noah 23, Black Kray and Beautiful Lou!

We knew we had to hit him up once we started looking for new rappers to send beats to. Releasing music more steadily, he now has over 40 projects to date between singles, eps, and full length albums. It was really artists like Pepperboy that inspired us to keep working on our own projects and eventually start doing Candy Drips physical releases! His work ethic and positive ethos pushed us to keep it original and to put our hearts into our work. I think you call that passion.

Out of his gigantic catalog, we’ve had the pleasure of being featured among the legion of dope producers he has teamed with. One of our highlight collaborative records is part of the ‘Smoking Green’ single-series he started back in 2012. In 2014 we landed the placement with our production duo ‘BLOWN’ and now it’s one of the only tracks currently featured on .

More notable names that have worked with Pepperboy in the past include; Producers Ryan Hemsworth, and Beautiful Lou. Squadda B and Mondre MAN of Main Attrakionz and Green Ova fame; Pepperboy is currently head of the Green Ova South branch. He and Squadda have done a few really great releases together –Rebel Muzik 1 & 2 and the spaced out gem – Kome Ryde With Us or KRWU as we call it on the streets! That record featured exclusive production from Young God aka Ian Taggart of Blue Sky Black Death fame and his more recent project “Televangel.” Another notable rarity that Pepperboy released was the collaboration with artist Keyboard Kid who is known around the world as Lil B’s official DJ and a monstrous producer. The collaborative album, titled ‘Endangered’, is suprisingly one of very few projects that features Keyboard Kid spitting bars and singing!

Right after ‘Legendary’ in 2018 we saw a new solo full length mixtape ‘Channel 11’ emerge from the vaults in Little Rock, Arkansas. Stream the record below! This project sports the title of local popular Little Rock News Station Channel 11 – lot of people watch the news and a lot of news is negativity. Pepperboy is a survivor and he’s using all of his past experiences to motivate people today to make a brighter tomorrow. That’s power.

In the last year we have seen a couple new videos to accompany the projects ‘Legendary’ and ‘Channel 11’ …. See below for visuals to ‘Down Bottom feat. Sickboyrari’ and ‘We Gone Be Alright.’

We recently whipped up ‘Pepperboy Essentials’ a 50-track playlist on our Spotify channel. His music tells his story better than we ever could. Check out the playlist or just go to his bandcamp or your favorite streaming service and start listening to everything you can! If we’re lucky someday we’ll have a decent biography on the life of Pepperboy, but if not his music does a hell of a job!

We’ll have more on Pepperboy very soon… Stay positive people!

written by Levon – twitter : @candydrips

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New Release ; Jordan Isaiah : ‘Thank you / Pay me’

Released via Blackhouse Records on Jan. 4, the record is now streaming on all major services and available as a limited edition CD.

‘Thank You / Pay Me’ is an album two years in the making. This is about how long Jordan tells me he has been taking rapping more seriously. I don’t know if maybe he spent that time training in a hyperbolic time chamber, but his confidence lyrically and within the delivery itself, suggests he’s not applying only the last two years but he’s putting it all out there; past, present and future. To be fair, he did say he recorded his first track at 13!

The title is a play on the commonly used ‘Fuck You, Pay Me’, but he isn’t here to make enemies or manifest haters out of thin air. This phrase resonates throughout the record with obvious appreciation and admiration for his friends, family, real fans, and collaborators.

“Why do you make music?”…

Repeated by some of his closest people on the intro track ‘Litlord’, this question is answered throughout the project with dedications and heartfelt words for those he’s lost (What A Year Can Do) , loved (Priscilla) and smoked (Jane). ( *all three of these tracks are solid productions from Dub-A.*) He also makes it clear with his first words on the album that music is a form of therapy for him and at the end of the day he hopes that whoever listens will forget about their problems and just turn up and enjoy life.

Nothing about this project is static. He matches the energy of each style of production with a fitting, unique delivery, including organic ad-libs peppered in over choice vocal effects. There are a lot of intimate moments. From talking to the audience, even shoutouts to fans dragging on long after the beat stops (Nemo Interlude) – the unabashed deliveries, rapped, sung and spoken – and the pro quality engineering and production all really make this project a perfect first album. Jordan is definitely in his element in all of the styles presented throughout the record and he’s really ready to take it any direction stylistically from here!

Standout tracks for me are ‘Hold Up’ – a minimal party bass driven 50’s rock piano melody from producer Over9000, Jordan’s childhood friend and collaborator over the last few years. It’s definitely the most light hearted song on the album, but it’s sure to turn your head and make you want to stunt surf on your problems. Also a big fan of the intro ‘Litlord’ it’s got such an intense and original sound, I really wanna see Jordan do this live in a packed club, fuck it – STADIUM ! I can really see songs like this and “Been Gone” getting the whole place jumping!

Been gone, a song that covers the struggles of addiction is a hazy slapper produced by Doughboi Phlex. “Fuck it right?”, the chorus repeated – a crass cry for help from the point of view of someone on the verge of giving up, Jordan tells the story of personal struggles and those he’s witnessed too close to home and ends the track offering himself to anyone out there that feels alone and like nobody cares.

Recorded at Jupiter studios, in his hometown of St Louis, MO and engineered by Keith Page (Chingy, Lil Boosie, G herbo, tee grizzly) it’s no wonder this record sounds radio-ready from the jump! With all of the versatility displayed on ‘Thank You / Pay Me’, expect nothing but heaters all around. For the next chapter in the saga of Jordan Isaiah, follow him on his social media for his new single releases as he plans to release a new drop every thursday ; peep the first one that dropped last week; another one from Doughboi Phlex ‘Late Nights.’


Watson Sound did an video interview and podcast with Jordan you can check out below!

And hear the Watson Sound podcast episodes with Jordan Isaiah below


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NEW TRACK : sameflannel // Survivor Guilt (prod. RevnedBeats & Crow Sign)

“If you’re gone, why the fuck am I here?” … John Daniel aka sameflannel gives us ‘Survivor Guilt’ a tale about the pain of life after the death of a close friend or family member … Hit the track below, and keep an eye out for more from this Minnesotan youngin’ real soon!




“SURVIVOR GUILT” + prod. RevnedBeats & Crow Sign + mixed by Doza / IG: @dozadoesit_





2009 and Beyond : 10 Years Behind the Lens with Shedrick Pelt

After hearing  Shedrick was putting out a new book we got inspired to start covering more artistic projects besides video and music releases. For our first non-music feature we are focusing on Shedrick Pelt and ‘2009 and Beyond’ a photography book that compiles some of his finest and most intriguing shots from over the last ten years.

Some of you may know Shedrick has a little history with the label. First introduced through the longtime homie Supa of Sortahuman; we met the fellow Huntsvillian (Shedrick) and his brother Dizzy D when they came up to Nashville in 2012 to support and document a rare occasion. Sortahuman and Dizzy D opened with a set at a show with headliner Riff Raff in a now-defunct boutique shop in downtown Nashville. Footage from this night can be seen in the Sortahuman X Dizzy D collab video for “BOUT THAT.”  (Also Shot and edited by Shedrick) We’ll save the finer details of that wild night out for another time. You can get a good idea of the amount of debauchery from the intro alone…

We worked with him for a good portion of our early releases and he helped develop the standard we set and try to break with every release. He was with us from the first release “Supasonic’ (Supa Sortahuman X Shawn Kemp) and we eventually put out ‘Pine Grove’ by his bro Dizzy D and we have worked with him as recently as our release for Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire ‘Live Forever.’ Shedrick was working with him as a photographer at the time and approached us about a rare release opportunity and he secured that addition to the Candy Drips catalog.

Before and after his time helping Candy Drips Shedrick was busy grinding and building his brand and resume as not only a go-to graphic artist but also as a sharpshooting photographer as well. SdotPdotmedia has done a lot over the last decade. From small business features to shooting live sporting events and concerts he is always taking the initiative to approach his subjects from all angles. He keeps his focus on unique marketing materials while maintaining his roots and always aims to grow within art communities on both underground and main-stream levels. His talents also extend to product promotion and video production. He really is capable of handling a whole marketing campaign from concept to execution and every physical element along the way.

“The book, 2009 and Beyond, is a visual journey through my history as a music photographer and with emerging and world-class artists. Documenting the culture has always been about “boots on the ground”. Whether in DC, New York, Austin, or Berlin, street level is where I want to be – not watching from afar or sitting behind a Mac screen. Right in the mosh pit or on top of a garbage can to get the perfect angle. Images found in this book will give you a glimpse into what it looks like through my lens. I’ve been blessed to revel in many precious seconds and document a culture that is highly exposed, heavily attended, but rarely experienced.” – s.pelt

Check this video out of Shedrick’s visit to SXSW in 2013.

With over 120 photos of some of our favorite artists, artists we’ve seen go from underground heroes to super star status like Kendrick Lamar or Vince Staples to underground underrated taste makers like SpaceGhostPurrp and Main Attrakionz; ‘2009 and Beyond’ is one to cop for the culture! This release is inspiring for us and we all know that’s the reason we do any of this; rap, draw, create and build; to express and inspire! Follow Shedrick and his adventures over the last few years from more intimate concerts to major events like SXSW.

If you move fast you may be able to score a free long sleeve shirt with your purchase of the physical book!  Shirts feature some mono-print versions of pictures from the book. The shirts were made in collaboration with and include original designs on the sleeves from Trill City. Sizes and colorways are limited. ALSO For a limited time let’s say through the end of September, we will honor a 50% discount off your order on our web store. Email us proof of purchase for ‘2009 and Beyond’ at ([email protected]) and use the code “SDOT2009” before making your payment!

We want to do the most for independent artists who are helping to build a scene and document the experiences of these efforts to share with those who support us and our vision and we want to do the most for those supporting them and us! Look forward to seeing similar discounts in the future. Check out some more photos of the book below and fresh pics of the pre-order shirts as well!

Print: | Digital: Amazon & iTunes

Instagram: @sdotpdotmedia | Twitter: @sdotpelt | Website:


Lil Percy’s New Record ‘Revenge’ is OUT NOW


      On ‘Revenge’ this Virginian rapper’s latest, Lil Percy sounds like he just woke up, sparked up and couldn’t help but go off about the bullshit permeating his atmosphere and his M.O. is flexing. He rises above, dismissing all the obstacles in his way with exhales of legato flows, and Percy isn’t just blowing smoke. Take a ride on this very airy and dynamically punchy roller coaster of intoxicated confidence v.s. introspection, and don’t let the clouds get in your eye, Percy isn’t some old weed rapper, he’s got an energy that’s uniquely chill but far from a mumble.

It’s been said that the best form of Revenge is Success, and while nothing is guaranteed in this life, Percy is gonna get to the top at some point. Paralleled with the progression that the album takes as a whole is his idea of success in self expression and the ability he sees within himself to make his own way and not waste anymore time with fake love and friends or foes. He has his eyes on the prize and he’s locked in.

If “Revenge” were a hot sauce, and it definitely is some flames, it would be a “creeper” … starts off with plenty of flavor and insight into the tracks ahead but it definitely builds as it goes along, keeping you intrigued and feeling like you can’t get enough. With only 12 tracks averaging less than two and half minutes each, you reach the albums last song and aptly titled “Ending” before you know it. This is a great pre-game or after party soundtrack, not anything to sleep to but would suit you well if stuck in stand still traffic with a little time and angst on your hands and visions of achieving your wildest dreams or having the best possible time trying.

This single was featured three weeks ago by LOST APPEAL on their exclusive sound cloud page – you should definitely give them a follow.

They did a nice interview with Percy last year as well.

Go and get a copy of the limited CD release over at Blackhouse Records webstore or stream the album via any major streaming service now!

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Marcy Mane – ‘Need to Count It Up’ OFFICIAL VIDEO from the 27 track LP ‘LEON’ (2017)

Goth Money Vet and Underground OG Marcy Mane brings us a new video of the Lo Fi banger produced by Posh Prada “Need to Count It up.” With edits and direction by BLANCOPAGES, this smoke-filled and cloudy video is chopped to fast and slow perfection.The chops and lo-fi tape filters are a signature essence of the Goth Money Aesthetic– always having a truly new-school take on old school techniques of visuals and musical timbres. Something we’re obviously a fan of. Check out the man in his natural element, smoked out, grinding and keeping it low key to the ground but always fresh, even in the dirt. ‘Need to Count It Up’ is already raking in the views, it’s another one in the bank!

Click the link below to listen to Marcy Mane’s 2017 release ‘Leon’ on Spotify

Marcy Mane – Leon


Video Directed by BLANCOPAGES
Beat by Posh Prada

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