In the last month, San Antonio artist Nicodxmvs has released four songs. Tagging them as ‘trance’ and ‘triphop’, the electrified pieces are equal parts cinematic and haunted. Industrial and ambient. Transcendental.

After dropping two instrumental tracks, “Self-Affirmation” and “Emotional Intelligence”, he followed with the hypnotizing number, “Compassion” with vocalist Grapefruit. The song is described as “a new understanding.”

His newest track is “Forgive”, which is his first offering with vocals, showcasing a new element for the multitalented musician. While we still bump Nicodxvms and Western Tink’s 2016 album, Isolation, as well as his solo album, Fall From Grace, it’s great to see a slew of new tracks from the Texas artist. Candy Drips hopes for much more to come.

Ben Niespodziany
Twitter: @neonpajamas