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The Cycle: Episode 11

The Cycle: Episode 11

Leikeli47 covers Blackstreet ‘No Diggity’ for Like A…

Leikeli47 covers Blackstreet ‘No Diggity’ for Like A Version

SOMADAMANTINA – Borracha de amor

SOMADAMANTINA – Borracha de amor

NEW RELEASE ‘8/18’ (Ep) ; (Happy Birthday Pepperboy !)

8/18 (ep) ; Pepperboy

Capping off a string of All Star, middle-of-August birthdays from Leo Rap History makers; Chief Keef (15th) , Young Thug (16th), Lil B (17th), is the Green Ova South Champion Pepperboy!

Happy Birthday Pepperboy ! (August 18th)

A true testament to his nature, and absolute character – on this day, we the people are given a gift! A two song Ep, and sneak preview of 2 tracks off the up coming and highly anticipated ‘Str8 Off Tha Block 7.’

Both tracks on the Ep are produced by Young God aka Televangel ; formerly 1/2 of respected duo Blue Sky Black Death. It is important to bring up that affiliation to highlight the length of the relationship between this producer with the huge-hearted, street-wise rapper Pepperboy. *Over half a decade at least.. (Days of Grace? 2012?) They also just finished off the second of 2 full on classic albums as Green Ova South with help of Squadda B on the mic. Check out Green Ova Souths’ ‘Kome Ryde With Us’ and ‘3 Tha Hard Way’ here. (as well as major streaming services!)

‘I Am Trouble’ is a maxed out banger with plenty of dynamic turns and unique syncopated sample-drops laced in with a solid gliding sub bass melody and enchanting flute parts. The drums really smack you in the face as per the concept of the lyrics; “I am trouble…” pepperboy warns over and over – from the prospective of all the many dangers you might run into if you don’t check your intentions or get caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

‘Hands Up’ (Remix) as the parentheses give away – is a reworking by the same producer it was made by originally. (Young God) It’s not a total diversion from the original, the tempo matches but the tone is more somber and less triumphant. It highlights the reality of the lyrics a bit more accurately. A standout track from Pepperboys’ ‘Channel 11’ – Young God takes us even deeper into the soul of the message Pepperboy is portraying through personal life lessons and the reality of what people deal with daily. Racially motivated injustice and hypocritical politicians make this world a more dangerous place for the people just trying to survive another day; that’s the bullshit we’re seeing on the nightly news, this depression and stifling of expression and ability to live rings true as ever on this re-work of an already epic track from two of our favorite people to ever pair up.

Give Pepperboy a B-day shoutout on Twitter @pepperboy22 !

Go holler at @0YoungGod0 (Televangel) as well !

Please go support Pepperboy on his Bandcamp page by getting one or two albums or eps and maybe even his whole discography!

Look out for ‘Str8 Off Tha Block 7’ coming soon …

From Cali to The Rock; a premiere: Green Ova South – ‘3 Tha Hard Way’


I just got the private link to ‘3 Tha Hard Way’ and I’m feeling blessed and inspired and not just because I got an advance link on the latest album from some of our favorite collaborators and labels Green Ova South; (Pepperboy and Squadda B. with Young God exclusively on production) I’m at my DJ (my day job…) with two more hours on the clock, on my way back from my truck to retrieve my headphones and it hits me; “Work Till I Die” starts to play. The intro track is just the motivation I needed to get through this day.

Steam the album now via bandcamp and it will drop on all streaming services ASAP!

It would really be tough to sit here and talk about “stand-out tracks” on a 9 track album of straight classics. I’ll just have to touch on em’ all. My words won’t do it justice, but maybe my excitement will! (I’ve only had the album a couple of hours and it comes out tomorrow.) It’s been 3 years since we’ve seen a full length release from these three. If you didn’t happen to catch KRWU (Kome Ryde With Us) now is your chance to get caught up!

The first track “Work Till I Die” hits you right off with an impact comparable to soundtrack vibes with horn-like synth pads and melody. It’s another epically captivating composition from Young God. The opener is a song about the everyday grind required to maintain and survive. Trading verses back and forth Squadda and Pepp come with anecdotes about going to work and affirmations of what putting all that work brings, should their goals be reached.

‘Without U’ is a cruise down memory lane of the history of the Green Ova South saga. Travel back in time with Squadda and Pepp to the beginning of their collaborations as they serenade you, the supporters, the friends, producers, crew members and everyone that’s showed love. Lil B even gets a shout! (they go way back.) This track really harks back to the KRWU record sound. When you bust out the SUB pads on the beat, it just feels like $ !

‘Str8 Off Da Block’; Bridging the Gap from the West to the South is something that comes naturally to these guys. Since Rebel Muzik Squadda and Pepperboy have always met up in person to record and produce their full length joint efforts. This time around Pepperboy made his way to Oakland and met up with Young God and Squadda to write and record the entire project in a matter of days. This song title is also a straight rip of Pepperboy’s FIRST ALBUM EVERY RECORDED from 2002! It has continued as a series over the years with the latest installment ‘Str8 Off Da Block 6’ dropping late 2016. That album also had a feature from Squadda!

‘Take It’, is a solo Pepperboy track that exposes us to some darker places and perspectives. Young God brings the vibes with a whistling melody that reminds me of “the wild west” or something you’d hear in a cowboy movie in 2019 over the chorus while the rest of the tracks’ timbre is a bit more ominous and eerie.

We could call the title track ‘3 Tha Hard Way’ a good way end a Side A, if this were an LP. It may be the most unique on the album in that the beat sounds like some classic 80’s synth pop ballad with a savory, sexy saxophone solo sample blazing through the mix.

By no means is the rest of this tape any kind of “B-side”. ‘From Tha Bottom Up’ is what I would call the most ‘hype’ track. Dope G of Green Ova pops off immediately with a round of the chorus. Young God went across the world and into some worm holes into other dimensions and universes to manifest his sonic palette for this one.

‘Step N 2 Tha Water’ was released around a month ago on a single drop with ‘Without U.’ This is what those who remember may call a “cloud-rap” banger. Slowed down vocals and that half time snare slap get you lifted with the quickness, but the funky legato bass line Young God slathers throughout this track really keeps you moving.

The arpeggiated harp on ‘This Is International’ over the sub bounce groove may take you back to some classic Squadda B and Main Attrakionz days but with a cinematic, enchanting depth.

The track ordering on this tape is perfect. It’s strong all the way through. The conclusion to this piece of art is ‘Made My Mind Up’, an uplifting message over serene melodies (steel guitar samples?). The features from Dope G and Robbie Rob fit like a glove. After several repeat listens I’ve definitely made MY mind up ; this is Album Of The Year so far!

Follow the members of Green Ova South
Squadda B : Twitter, IG
Pepperboy : Twitter, IG
Robbie Rob : Twitter,
Dope G : Twitter, IG
Young God (televangel) : Twitter, IG

-Froze (Candy Drips co-founder) Twitter: @candydrips

We Gone Be Alright

We Gone Be Alright

drippin so pretty- worthless

drippin so pretty- worthless


Pre-post intro : today is the 2nd anniversary of our blog here at ; we haven’t done as much as we’d like but we have been blessed with some choice interviews over the past couple rounds of seasons ; Thanks to all readers and contributors and anyone supporting our company by buying tapes and merch! We wouldn’t be here without you all!

Today is June 27th and in the spirit of screwston and to honor this sacred date – big DeMo’s Birthday and the date of the infamous posse cut June 27th vol. 2 tape / epic freestyle we present Colin Taniguchi an artist that has designed custom shirts and paid tribute to some of his favorite Houston, TX rappers ! I won’t spoil too much – just peep the interview and head over to this mans IG to see the proof! also see a link at the bottom of the post for the June 27th release / Houston,TX ‘Screw’d 4 Lyf’ tribute shirt! Pre-orders are over today, but dm to request a size or get your order in ASAP!

For our first Artist Series T-shirt, Candy Drips reached out to the Bay Area’s own Colin Taniguchi to design a graphic celebrating the indelible impact of DJ Screw and his music. Aside from his amazing handdrawn graphics on Pro Club tall tees (which blew me away), Colin was an obvious choice for this project as he’s an avid Screwhead with an insane rap cassette collection. I recentlly had a chance to chop it up with Colin about his art, cassettes and DJ Screw. Kracka out!

ANIMALKRACKA: Who are you and what do you do? How would you describe your art? Where are you from and how does it influence your art?

Colin: My name is Colin Taniguchi and Im an illustrator,100% hand-drawn is my forte. I was born in Daly City,CA but raised in Richmond & parts of San Pablo most my life! I would describe my personal art as just my reality. Most my drawings are the homies kickin it & good times in my life that im tryna immortalize. Or any cute shit that comes to mind when Im in my head rlly. Im from the bay so all that comes into play wit my style via the colors I use to the details in every drawing,just want people to have an idea of where im from witout telling them.

ANIMALKRACKA: How and why did you start doing custom hand drawn T-shirts? How can one get one?

Colin: I honestly started doing hand drawn t’s for fun. Didnt think it would turn into something fools would want,I just kept getting more orders. To the point I quit my job because of it! Now im fulltime freelancing. Anyone can get a piece of clothing hit by me,just dm!

ANIMALKRACKA: How did you get into collecting cassettes? How did you first become interested in DJ Screw’s music and how has it influenced your art and life?

Colin: My love for cassettes started the moment I found my pops tape case when i was 11. Shit was filled with bay area joints,what caught my eye was RBL Posse’s Lesson To Be Learned. Funny thing about Screw’s music was I was confused when i first heard it and looked passed it,then I rlly put the time and really listened a few years ago and been hooked ever since. He started a whole era which birthed my favorite rappers & it influenced my style alot bc I slap it alot while i draw.

ANIMALKRACKA: I recently seen a picture of Lil Flip rocking one of your custom t’s. How does it feel to see people rocking something you’ve created? 

Colin: Flip rockin my shit was super surreal,s/o Slumped Boyz for the flick! I flip out on anyone rocking my shit. It means so much to me to see it. Hypes me everytime.

ANIMALKRACKA: what are the essential tools to your craft that you can’t live without?

Colin: Essentials I cant live to my craft I cant live without are;my brehs,that smooth gfunk,my prismas/copics,& a good head space.

ANIMALKRACKA: Who have you collab’d with? Where can people check out desing work you’ve done?

Colin: I dont collab with alot of brands or people,im real careful bout it. But notable ones are Absent,GX1000,& Bryan Rivera(100br) for Rolling Loud. Im gonna set up a website soon though,I dont post 80% of commissioned things ive done & people always ask to see!


Follow Colin Taniguchi : Twitter ; @_colintanigucci // IG: @colintaniguchi

Soulja – damesnotdead and kirblagoop official animated video

Soulja – damesnotdead and kirblagoop official animated video

New Release : ‘Jordough’ Ep : (Review) Jordan Isaiah and Doughboi Phlex

One of our favorite new artists on our radar Jordan Isaiah brought the noise earlier this year with ‘Thank You / Pay Me’ (Blackhouse Records.) On this album we saw multiple producers and a variety of deliveries. When Jordan hit us up about his latest we had to see what he was working with and put some support on the project!

The ‘Jordough’ EP is a raw collection of 9 songs showcasing a timeline of collaborative efforts between Jordan Isaiah and Kansas City based producer Doughboi Phlex. The project is presented by Doughboi and highlights his growth in production and vocals.

To those who haven’t yet noticed, the tape’s name breaks it down with the idea of two “sides.” : “Jor”, short for “Jordan” and “dough”, short for “Doughboi Phlex.” The sides are broken up by an interlude titled “Time Interlude.” The tracks for each side were chosen by preference of the sides’ namesake and feature that person a little heavier throughout the selection.

The whole tape is tied together by something more than the obvious factor of sticking with the same duo throughout. The delivery on all tracks is a culmination of ego-boosted lifestyle bars with an heir of aggravated and warranted entitlement. Based on work put in, determination and passion behind the project these artists know they are onto something. Being that it took a few years to compile this collection of recordings you will notice a slight sonic difference in the mixes from track to track but the energy remains constant throughout.

Starting out the gate with the “Jor” side we are summoned by a whispering chordal wash and eerie bells plucking a melody before Jordan comes in with loosely doubled vocals on the songs hook singing “said we made it through the worst / now every day a holiday ; said we started in the mud , so every day we elevate.” This showcases duality; juxtaposition of a celebratory anthem over an overtly chill but mysterious melody. It isn’t a song about wallowing in the mud, it’s about rising and coming up from that place while maintaining a reverence and appreciation for the struggles since the journey began. The two voices kind of symbolize the harmony of past, present and future existence.

The rest of side “Jor” is immediately more hype, starting with the powerful delivery and regal production on Lilith freestyle ; to the inciteful irony of “Unconcerned”, a title that implies apathy but lyrically suggests anything but. The confident delivery from Jordan is paired with smooth 16’s, adlib assitance and chorus work from the Doughboi Phlex. Check out ‘Exotic’ for a prime example of what Doughboi is capable of.

The neutral track ‘Time Interlude’ is a very big change-up from the rest of the record. Being far removed it serves its purpose well to break up the flow a bit with some icey chords and what sounds like a radio scanning the airwaves trying to breakthrough the dimensions of time and space all over a minimal triplet thump from a dull but punchy kick. The searching tones in the background remind me of a radio attempting to dial into the frequency somewhere between space and time – is this what a time machine might sound like? Have you ever watched the first episode of the original ‘Outer Limits’ show?

The duo pops the ‘dough’ side off hot with ‘Myxed Up’ a bopper about staying true to yourself through the changes and confusing times you experience on your way to success. The rest of the EP turns to a low key point of smoked out cockiness. Doughboi Phlex compliments Jordan’s style in a way only he can; from the perspective of the producer.

One of the standout tracks led by Doughboi is ‘Watchin Me.’ This introspective paranoid confession may actually give you the creeps. The production elements are similar as most of the tracks on the ep but this one is a much slower and darker tune than anything else present. Starting off depicting a recent nightmare where he was shot it seems that the stress of striving for his goals and maintaining his normal life is catching up to him in more ways than one. It’s hard to maintain relationships as it is when you are struggling to survive and achieve your goals, but success can attract all kinds of unwanted energy from those we know and normally trust. That could also bring up dealing with your inner demons as Phlex references in the chorus.

Each track is relatively short at an average of under 3 minutes. It’s an easy listen through that gets better with repeat plays. The project is now streaming on all services!

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Keep up with Jordan: @JordanXisaiah

Keep up with Doughboi: @Doughboiphlex

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