It's been about three years since we heard from the NYC rapper Lakutis, but he has zoomed back like Ghostrider on the ridiculous banger "Motorcycle." Lakutis' style has always been a balance dark and aggressive, lyrically and technically impressive but also the totally absurd. And "Motorcycle" is no different.

"Motorcycle" is very minimal. The beat's mostly drums, bass, street fighter taunts and horror movie screams. The hook (which is most of the song) is really just "Motorcycle, bitch rrrroooooowwww!" He does get into a quick, and super witty verse –"Your shit fake Saucony Only," "Bitch it's over…walkie talkie" –before zipping back off into the dark night. The hilarious onomatopoeia adlibs are the real highlight of "Motorcycle" though. In the background Lakutis vrooms, glugs, beeps and even makes 8-bit punching noises all over the place.  It's great to hear a new track from him, and I'm hoping this is a sign of more Lakutis tunes to come.