Candy Drips’ own Young Breh are back!

Like 2015’s Lean On Us before it, Breh’s new EP Rap Mansion is probably best described in their own words: “FUCKIN DUDES FUCKIN RAPPIN OK.” Nashville rappers Young Breh and Froze are the fuckin dudes in question, trading witty and hilarious bars and just plain going in on every song.

Right off the bat, on the opening track “Bars Are Back In Town,” they are going in. Line’s like Breh’s “Bernie Sanders the mixtape/ give em free education” or Froze’s “I got so many hoes I mean I really am bitches.” And their pop culture references are on point and clever as hell. There are so many quotable ones, but some of my favorites are Young Breh’s Evil Dead nod “Heater Is my Boomstick” on “Fuck Rehab” or Froze’s legendary Pokemon reference “rare like Articuno” on “We Got Em” (that line is fitting for Froze, of course, since Articuno is an ice type.)

Production-wise Rap Mansion is largely hi energy chopped-up soul, reminiscent of the work of the “old Kanye” or the golden age of Dipset. The beat for “Summertime” especially stands out in how the track samples the familiar “Walk On By,”  but flips into something new, fresh and unique. And, Speaking Of samples, one of the greatest feats of sampling on the EP is the intro to “Fuck Rehab.” No, the beginning of “Rehab” doesn’t sample music or sounds, but rather an epic Stone Cold Steve Austin rant about an absurd fast food feast.

Another highlight is Froze’s singing! He soulfully belts out the hooks on “1016 2 ” –the Perfect “fuck you” of “done with your shit/for real this time/you’re the last thot that I want on my mind” — and on the ode to getting high “Fuck Rehab.” On The New Age-y interlude “Anime Club” Froze’s distorted voice croons over a beat that sounds like Tame Impala did the fusion dance with Blue Sky Black Death.

Young Breh and Froze make an awesome team. It’s clear the dudes had a genuinely great time working on this EP. And listening to Rap Mansion feels like being right there with them.