Kelela’s new single “LMK” is an epic song about a small moment in time. She meets someone and flirts briefly. She’s about to leave, but wonders about a potential, casual hookup. Even though the stakes are low  –“it ain’t that deep either way”– the song freezes this moment in time. Kelela’s voice and her songwriting on “LMK” are as strong as ever. Late on the track she even raps a little with a flow that reminds me a bit of the bars Prince spits on the legendary “Sexy Motherfucker.”

Jam City’s beat for “LMK” is, like most of Kelela’s work, reminiscent of ’90s R&B, but deeply warped and dystopian. This is maybe a lighter song than we’ve heard from her in the past, but it is still  very Kelela: mysterious, ambitious and unique. Kelela’s new album Take Me Apart is out in October.