The collaborations between Nancy and Tombo are some of the most consistent and prolific pieces of art coming out of the Midwest this calendar year. Splitting production duties, vocal duties, and even EP hosting duties, the two multidimensional artists have encapsulated their sorrow through four EPs (so far). Just last week, they released My Head is Empty, I Am Safe, a five song open diary of late night confessions and melancholy.

Prior to their most recent EP, they released The Rose from the Sea to the Door last month. The three song project is monotone sadness, depressed smoke clouds, and 4am coffee pots. I mentioned it on Twitter, but these songs should only be allowed to be played once the sun goes down. Late night tunes that don’t sound the same if the sun is out.

Nancy’s and Tombo’s four collaborative EPs don’t stray in style, but rather, build up on a sound unlike any other. With each release (and many more down the road), they’re further showcasing their brand of lofi dreamo. Aquatic, slumped, drowning in booze and substance, these are tracks to play when you can’t sleep, when you want to float inside someone else’s head, if only for a minute or two.

Ben Niespodziany
Twitter: @neonpajamas