disclaimer* we are not responsible for your actions; any stunting on ex’s or quitting your day job as a result of listening to this song is not our fault!…..

Earlier this month Auntie Naj released the single and video for ‘Feels So Good’ – it feels like a sign that since then the video only has likes … it may be a song about living in the moment, but it shines some hope and confidence to get you through this day and on to the next one ! The positivity is infectious from the big smiles, expert joy-riding and texas-sized swanging through NY’s, Malcolm X blvd in the all white decked out BM! I know its cold down here in TN, but seeing Auntie w the top down is giving me some life. This is one ya’ll needed in your life for the weekend so DJ’s make sure you get the crowd going with this one ASAP !

Word on the streets is we’ve got a lot of stuff in the works to be expected from Auntie Naj in the near future ! We’ll keep you in the know , bet ! Follow the links below to keep up yourself.

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